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Save the bees was a project of a card game to raise awareness about the protection of pollinators. We designed 24 cards.

There is still some work to do, but there is enough content to make a fun activity for a class or a family.

Hearts are pollinators, mostly bees (honey bee, mason bee, leafcutter, carpenter bee) but also butterflies, syrphidae (a fly in a bee costume), hummingbird and even a bat.

Diamonds are the positive actions like beekeeping, providing water stations for bees, bee hotels, and buying from local small scale producers.

Spades are negative things like pesticides and loss of habitat.

Clubs are plants that you can associate with each kind of pollinators.

The rules of the game have not been properly playtested, you'll need to adapt them or create your own. The main idea was to dispose all the cards face down in the shape of a flower. Each player has to turn a card during his turn, and can take a card that is already turned (the card that they turned or another one). You can only take a pollinator (heart) if you already have it's associated flower (club). You can take a diamond if you have a pollinator (heart). The idea is to make as many piles as possible with a club, a heart and a diamond (only one of each, the heart and the club need to have the same pollinator type)

Spades are played immediately when turned, the player affected has to discard one of its pollinator, unless it's protected by a diamond, then only the diamond is removed.

When there are no more cards, all players count theirs and get one point for each pollinator.

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