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The game is now free!
A farm-sim with science and robots
Minor Update
Howdy Scientists! There was a bug in the quest about plant effects, the quest objective text was mixed up making it very confusing. For example, "insect repelle...
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Minor Update
Howdy Scientists, I fixed a few bugs and made minor improvements: The quest objectives shown on the main screen are now sorted so that the uncompleted ones appe...
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Update 0.8.5 : Gamepad update (2 of 2)
Howdy Scientists! Here is the second part of improvements for gamepad users: Moving the hoe tile selector over plants will show their tooltips Better gamepad na...
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Update 0.8.4 : Gamepad update (1 of 2)
Howdy Scientists, I added right joystick support for gamepad users. It makes selecting the tile while using the hoe much easier, placing furniture too. There ar...
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Minor Update : bug fixes and QOL improvements
Howdy Scientists! I just made an update : - Shift-click on an item in the toolbar will send the stack of items in the inventory, and vice-versa - Dialogue anima...
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Minor Update
Howdy Scientists! I just made an update to fix some issues : - better support of various resolutions : the game should now be playable even if your screen doesn...
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Hey! I'm Ben, and I will be your indie game developer for this adventure! To be sure that we all have a great time and t...
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